ceratosaur- my favorite therapod

Okay, it’s out I’m a dinosaur geek. I’ve dragged my kids to dino digs in the arid southwest.  Someday I’ll crack a dino children’s book, there are just so many of them! It’s because dinos are awesome!  Ceratosaurs are my current favorites, narrowly beating out allosaurs and brachiosaurs.


2 thoughts on “ceratosaur- my favorite therapod

  1. Hi David,

    Fantastic work. Thanks for leaving the note on my blog and introducing me to your work. I am in the middle of a gorilla project and loved your wildlife art. I missed Dragon in the theaters but am looking forward to watching it in the studio when it is available. Hope to have a chance to work together someday. I had a few meetings with Alex McDowell last year about an upcoming DW project. Ultimately it didn’t work out for that one but looking forward to the next opportunity.



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