Extinct Bicycle & rider

Have you ever seen the first contraption to be called a bicycle? They were ridiculous looking with a huge front wheel and then an iddy biddy back wheel.

Mechanics made the front wheel large so as to optimize the distance you could travel with one rotation of the wheel. They don’t look like they were designed for humans at all. I think the only prehistoric animals that could ride these bikes would be arm challenged therapods like T-rex. Their tiny arms and long legs seemed perfectly suited to this bike also know as the high wheel bicycle. Too bad both are extinct.


2 thoughts on “Extinct Bicycle & rider

  1. HAH, perfect!
    Thank you for the Quentin Blake post as well, I will look for the Theatre of the Page book as soon as I have some extra cash… Always loved the Dahl illustrations but I had no idea how huge his role model potential was 😀

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