Coat of many drawings

About a year ago I got ink on my new jacket. Getting ink on my clothing is nothing new, pretty commonplace actually. One of my occupational hazards. What was different this time is I decided to draw over the ink blotch. When I finished drawing I threw my jacket and pen to Steve Macleod and had him draw and sign something. Like a lot of things pretty soon it snow balled and I got great friends and artists to contribute their talents to my jacket. Before long I had a priceless jacket full of artwork by some of the best artists in the biz.  I don’t wear it too often for fear the drawings might fade or that I’ll spill more ink on the jacket.

The front of the jacket contains drawings by myself, Dave Pimentel Ken Morrissey, Bill Riling, Joel Crawford, & Rad Sechrist

I even persuaded the great Toby Shelton to draw Darkwing Duck for me.

A John Puglisi original above my elephant sketch.

Hidden in the armpit of the jacket is the most apropos drawing by Ben Balistreri

Shane Prigmore drew Coraline.

A beauty by Devin Crane & a self portrait by Ennio Torresan

Jenny drew a fantastic pointer beneath my drawing of Sid the Squid.

A nijerkstu by Mike Lester.


1 thought on “Coat of many drawings

  1. I can’t believe you posted this! Love it!

    It’s a real treasure, for sure. If Ebay is around long after we’re gone…!

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