Charity donation for the Gulf Coast

Recently I learned from Mo Willems’ blog of a great movement for authors and illustrators to help raise money and awareness for the oil soaked waters of the Gulf.  This Wednesday I’ll be donating two original pieces for the cause. Both are originals and can be purchased for a $50 donation to one of four non profits: International Bird Rescue, Institute for Marine Mammal Studies,  The Sea Turtle Conservancy, Tri State Bird Rescue and Research.  For more information click here


3 thoughts on “Charity donation for the Gulf Coast

  1. It’s so sad. But these images are quite wonderful. What a helpful squid! someone’s got to clean up after the humans, it seems they’re incapable unless it involves some monetary compensation.

  2. Hey David,
    I would just like you thank you for donating these fantastic pieces to such a great cause. I was able to get the Sid the Squid piece and it is a fantastic piece. I just wanted to thank you for making the piece available.

    Kyle Davis

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