More Sid the Squid Reviews

“Sid the Squid was truly wonderful!  The expressions on Sid’s face are priceless, the art is fantastic, and I love that the artist added the Monterey Bay Aquarium kelp forest. Thanks for sharing and publishing this wonderful book!

Dori DeCommer
Youth Services Librarian
Kensington and San Pablo Library
Contra Costa County, California

Searching for the perfect job, Sid, a giant squid, leaves his ocean home for the big city. There, a new human friend helps him locate and try out a variety of roles, from traffic director to electrician. Nothing seems just right, until he saves a whale and finds his niche at an aquarium with an animal-rescue program. Derrick, a story artist at DreamWorks Animation, wrote and digitally created the art for this, his first picture book, which reads like a storyboard for an animated cartoon. The plot is neatly summarized by the back-cover portrait of the anthropomorphized squid holding the tools of his various trades.

Kirkus Reviews


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