New “Scientific” Reviews

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Immedium, the publisher,  sent copies of Sid the Squid to scientific experts. Uh oh… Now I’m a nature geek and usually I like to get things scientifically right, however I took a little bit of license on Sid.  Cepholopods are divided into various groups the big ones are octopods and decapods.  Members of the octopod group have eight arms. Octo=8. Decapods have 10 appendages. Now to be fair technically Squid only have eight arms +two long tentacles.  Cepholopod enthusiast that I am I felt that saying Sid had eight arms + two long tentacles, or that Sid had 10 appendages was too clunky and awkward.  I am glad these scientific minded people were able to look at Sid and I appreciate their candid reviews.


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