In Memoriam Corny Cole III

I count myself fortunate to have known Cornelius Cole III. He was my teacher and for a time my mentor at CalARTS. He was incredibly talented, irrational, polarizing and a great teacher. I must admit it took me leaving CalARTS to understand his brillance and ability. In his long and storied career he worked with Chuck Jones, Richard Williams and worked on “The Lady and the Tramp.” Besides his drawing classes my fondest memory of Cornelius Cole were the Student Emmy Awards.  When my film was nominated for the award I chose Corny to accompany my wife Tiffany and I to the event. There he introduced me to June Foray another animation legend. He has impacted generations of filmakers and artists. The most important thing I learned from Corny was to be an artist, not an automaton. In other words be your own artist don’t conform to a style or method because everyone else is, find your path and stick to it.

Corny and Mike Mitchell both lent their voices to one of my student films. Unfortunately none of them could pronounce the word Archaeopteryx.  The first out take is Mike Mitchell the second is Corny who according to his read took 4,052 attempts at saying Archaeopteryx.


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