Clean Freak: Story marathon continued

Clean Freak!
Is the story of an unlikely friendship
between and ocd cleaner shrimp and a
hording hermit crab.
Manny, an OCD cleaner shrimp never
stops cleaning and organizing his small
nook on the reef, a regular Felix Unger.
Manny’s world is turned upside down
when a new neighbor moves in. He’s not
just a hermit crab, he’s a hermit hoarding
crab named Louie. Manny tries to be a
good neighbor, but it’s hard, Louie is so
messy and his junk constantly spills over
on to Manny’s home. Louie’s sloppy habits
and obnoxious behavior drive Manny up
the wall he can’t take it anymore and
becomes a Clean Freak. He cleans
everything in Louie’s house while Louie
is sleeping. When Louis wakes up he’s
astonished and touched at the act of service.
Louie tries to reciprocate the act of service
by giving Manny a gift ( to Manny it’s
disgusting junk, but he accepts the gesture).
With a few acts of kindness an uncommon
friendship is born between a cleaner shrimp
and a Hoarding Hermit Crab. In the end
Manny even clean’s Louie’s gunk and barnacle
ridden shell. In the end this “odd
couple” make great neighbors, one is always
messy and the other always cleans and in
their own way balances out the eccentricities
of the other.



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