Tattle Tail : Story Marathon continued

Tattle-Tail This is a story of sibling rivalry between two brothers; Tad and Eli. Tad the younger brother has always been behind his brother. As tadpoles Eli sprouted arms and legs before him and in good brother fashion rubs it in too. Tad in his own insecurity and jealously constantly tattles on his big brother. Tad is told that “No one likes a Tattle-Tell. Eli and his older friends start calling Tad Taddle-Tail and unfortunately for Tad the name sticks because he’s late loosing his tail. Eli the over confident older brother decides to leave the safety of the pond to explore the marsh. This is completely against the rules and Tad knows it. No likes a tattle tell, but Tad for the first time decides to taddle, not out of jealously but out of genuine concern for his older brother. It’s a good thing too because Tad’s parents are able to save Eli from the razor sharp beak of a hidden heron. Eli is grateful to his brother and now everyone loves a taddle-tail.


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