Coloring a Flying Lizard


Among some of my current projects is a prehistoric story about a Coelurosauravus. This prehistoric reptile lived during the Permian period (that’s before the time of the dinosaurs for non-dino geeks). They represent the earliest fossil record of gliding lizards. They were about two feet long with two large retractable wings. The wings were made up of long thin bones which extended from the animals ribs. The wings could be folded or extending like a fan. There is another un-related reptile, who convergently evolved similar wings simply called draco or the common gliding lizard. This animal didn’t exist in the Permian or the cretaceous period it lives in the anthropocene period our time.(I’ve waited a long time to write that).  In the Jungles of Southeast Asia this little lizard like Coelurosauravus developed wings which allow the lizard the glide in the rainforest canopy.

With this new story I’ve struggled to find a statisfying color pattern.  So I got out all my lizard, snake and amphibian books. Using the books as a spring board I did these water color studies to find a pattern that I liked.


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