Book Review: I’m Here, by Peter Reynolds

Peter Reynolds has been an inspiring figure in children’s literature for me. Long before I decided to throw my lot into quagmire of children’s lit I admired the art and stories of Peter Reynolds. His books are uncommonly positive and uplifting. One of my favorite books penned and illustrated by Peter is “Ish,” which encourages the artist in every child and the child in every adult. In Peter’s latest book “I’m Here,” Peter skillfully and simply paints the world as an autistic boy experiences it. A playful playground becomes a confusing cacophony of noise forcing the overwhelmed boy to isolate himself. Even in the boy’s isolation he is “here” and ultimately finds friendship through a paper plane and a friendly girl. Like a good writer and artist Peter has something to say and not only jokes to tell. “I’m Here” paints an empathetic and beautiful picture of what it is like to “be here” and be autistic.

Peter has a fantastic blog:

Click to view “I’m Here” on Amazon


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