Dinosaurs are back in LA

My wife & daughter & the jaws of a juvenile t-rex

This July the Dinosaur Hall at the Los Angeles Museum of Natural History reopened after being closed for renovation for several years. Believe me I know. I made the mistake of dragging the whole family down there only to look at the mineral collection and the Mammals of North America because the dinosaurs exhibit wasn’t completed. Don’t get me wrong a love all those other things, it’s just that the Hall of North American Mammals with it’s taxidermy animals in dimly lit dioramas feels like  phony versions of their wild counterparts. No I go to the Natural History Museum to see what I’ll never see in the world, like the oar fish  or a giant megamouth shark who both lie in giant formaldehyde tanks. I want to see ancient bones and evolutionary oddities when I go to the museum.


The Dinosaur hall is well worth the wait. I’ve been twice since the dinosaur hall opened.  It’s a great place to take the family or to sketch. Unlike the dimly lit Hall of American Mammals, Dinosaur Hall is flooded with natural light.  The center piece of the exhibit  displays the growth of a T-rex with three full size skeletal mounts of a baby, juvenile and a sub-adult. From an impressive carnotaurus  and an enormous Mamenchiasaurs to the delicate and diminutive micro-raptor there is plenty to educate and stimulate the viewer’s mind. If you’re in LA take time to see its dinosaurs.

Micro Raptor

I’m all about the quick sketch. I don’t think you should bother getting every single vertebrae instead I like to focus on the gesture of the overall form.

If you go don’t forget to visit the Age of Mammals. Like the Dinosaur Hall it is flooded by natural light and contains skeletons from extinct mammals from the pliestocene including an impressive mastodon.


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