Have You Ever Marched With a Mammoth?

A few years ago I was developing a book which imagined mammoths and other prehistoric creatures coming to life as children walked through the halls of a natural history museum. It was entitled “Have You Ever Marched With a Mammoth?” It seems, according to the BBC and other news affiliates that this fantasy is inching closer to reality with Russian and Japanese scientists attempting to clone a mammoth. With a new mammoth specimen found frozen in the tundra scientist hope to clone well-preserved mammoth cells and insert them into the egg of an elephant. The modern elephant would act as a surrogate and would give birth to a hybrid. In time by crossing hybrids with each other it is plausible, in theory at least to make a pure mammoth. Ethical questions aside it’s a long shot for sure with some experts giving it less than a 1 % chance of succeeding. It does in the very least spark our imagination into wondering what it would be like to march with a mammoth.


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