Sculpting Sundance

Here’s a quick video which documents the creative process I went through sculpting the red tailed hawk named Sundance.


Sculpting Live in the Gallery

Wow! What an evening. The Living Desert brought a red tailed hawk along with several other animals such as a burrowing owl, chuckwalla, hedgehog and Madagascar hissing cockroaches into the J. Willott Gallery. With expert animal handler Ben Klopf holding Sundance, the red-tailed hawk, I sculpted live at the gallery for three hours. More impressive was that Ben was able to hold the hawk the entire time without a single break.  This was a rare and unique opportunity to work in a gallery from a live animal. The entire event was organized by the gallery to raise money for the Living Desert. The sculpture will be in a limited edition of about 15 and 25% of every sculpture will be donated to the zoo. The event was a huge success, we were able to move sculptures, educate and raise money for the living desert. More videos and pictures to come.