Wildlife Learning Center Donation Drawings

Despite its small size the Wildlife Learning Center in Sylmar is a fun and educational place to visit. On it’s small property the center houses more than it seems with sloths and servals, and aligators and owls and much more. This June the Wildlife Learning Center is holding a fundraiser. This past weekend I took my family and did a few sketches and paintings from life, a few a which I am planning on donating to the Wildlife Learning Center.

Cinco De Rhino

It’s no mystery that every rhino species is under threat of extinction. Black Market medicinal trade in Rhino horn has inflated the rhino’s value higher than gold at over $65,000 a pound. With the promise of so much money poachers are becoming more sophisticated and more deadly.  Until wisdom prevails and people stop buying black market rhino horn for its baseless medicinal value the only recourse available to protect rhinos is to fund and support the anti-poaching units. I was approached by Jim Haigwood of the LA Zoo (whom I’ve gotten to know over the years drawing and sculpting at the zoo) to draw a fun t-shirt design celebrating the major species of rhinos for their annual Bowling For Rhinos Fundraiser. Since the event is in May they call it “Cinco de Rhino,” and the five species of Rhino are represented in a caricatured mariachi band: The Black Rhino, White Rhino, Indian Rhino, Javan Rhino and Sumatran Rhino.   I believe the T-shirts will be available at the event and maybe elsewhere all proceeds go specifically to the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy.