Rise of Guardians Trailer is Online!

I’ve had the great pleasure to work on The Rise of the Guardians for almost two years now. We’re still finishing the film which comes out this fall but DreamWorks just released a teaser trailer. This is the best teaser made for a DreamWorks movie, it encapsulates in moments the premise, stakes and hook of the film.  I know there isn’t always truth in advertising but in this instance the trailer respectfully represents the movie in story and tone.


Platypus Vigilante

Who doesn’t like platypuses they’re cute, odd and they have venomous spurs on their heels (true story.) A while back I was playing with an idea about a platypus mad max style who put a lawn mower engine on a a big wheel and became  a kind of vigilante hero of the highway.

Button of Doom

I meant to put this up a while back. This’ll be my last Megamind post. In addition to working on the feature I also boarded the  short “The Button of Doom.” It was great fun working with director Simon Smith and head of story Toby Shelton. I was lucky enough to board the climactic scene.

Doom syndicate 3/3

This was the last scene I did with Hal and the doom sydicate. The final scene is very similiar just minus the Doom syndicate. The ill fated doom syndicate provided added pressure and motivation to scenes. However, as individuals they failed to coalesce into strong secondary characters, except for hot flash. I still think she was brillant.